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Can You Get Sick from Toilet Paper?

Paper towels and toilet paper are taken for granted by a lot of people. Besides it being absorbent and soft, we really have no idea on how these materials are made or how safe they are for you. One doctor mentioned that some of them contain bleach and chlorine that can possibly make us sick.

We never really thought about the dangers on how they make toilet papers and paper towels so white. They might look fresh and clean but according to new study, products manufactured with bleach and chlorine contains toxins. Here are some facts about toilet paper that we really need to think about.

Bleach and Cleaning

As kids, we are familiar with the scent of bleach on our parents white shirts and on our white bed sheets and as adults we use bleach to clean our kitchens and bathroom to disinfect them and prevent more germs from spreading any more.

Chlorine and Paper

toilet paper cartIf you have ever been to a local swimming pool, chances are you already have an idea on what chlorine is. Chlorine is mixed in the pool water to prevent the water from growing bad and to kill germs that promote the growth of mold. We also need to note that chlorine is used widely in the industry of paper manufacturing and it is used to bleach the paper to white and break down the wood fibers. This results in a chain reaction because it not only contaminates our oceans and the fish that we eat, it also pollutes our waterways and streams.

Chlorine is the cause of formation of dioxin, a toxic chemical known to disrupt the endocrine system and can cause certain kinds of cancer and this being a byproduct of paper production, it is known to be the most carcinogenic material known. This material is found to be 300,000 times more toxic than toxic pesticides and is linked to diabetes, birth defects, immune system impairment, endometriosis, neurotoxicity, reproduction dysfunction and decreased fertility rate. It is known that chlorine is present in paper milk cartons, coffee filters and even disposable diapers. The toxins present in bleached paper is easily absorbed through the skin which means that using chlorine and chlorine products may end up compromising our health.

Safe and Eco-Friendly Paper

Aside from products using bleach, there are also paper products that are non-bleached. These paper products are free of toxins and is an eco-friendly alternative to the common bleached paper products. Many companies are now manufacturing these products because of reports on the toxic paper products. The next time we buy paper products we should consider paper products that are fragrance-free, unbleached and chlorine free to protect your family from these health hazards.