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Reasons Why the Ketogenic Diet Is Not Working for You

Your body burns fat when you’re in ketosis, and you use it for energy. This is why a keto diet is a perfect option for people looking for a way to lose weight. However, if you’re not losing weight while you’re on the keto diet, chances are you are doing it wrong. Some people opt for taking keto weight loss pills to achieve their desired shape instantly. Below are some of the most common reasons why you’re not losing weight on your diet.

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Not Achieving Ketosis

The most common reason why people who follow a keto diet doesn’t lose weight is that they don’t reach ketosis. And the reason for this is that their calorie consumption is not reduced. According to experts, their carb consumption should be only 5 to 10 percent of your calorie intake. Keto diets usually achieve to reduce no less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. And that may be the reason why they’re not able to burn fat. You can try a testing kit at home to find out if your urine has ketones. If the result turns out positive, you are in ketosis.

Consuming Too Much Protein

Keto diet does allow a certain amount of protein. However, you need to think again, if you think a keto diet is a high protein but low-carb diet. That kind of diet may not help you achieve ketosis because your body won’t be able to break down the extra proteins to get amino acids, then convert it into sugar. When you follow a keto diet, you gain calories from fats. And fats should make up at least 55 percent of your calorie intake.

Eating Too Many Good Carbs eating burgers and chicken

You can eat certain carbohydrates when you are on a keto diet, such as dairy products and nuts. These foods are full of fats and minerals. They may be a good supplement to your diet. The thing is that they contain carbohydrates. Hence, it’s not a good idea to consume too much of these foods. If you ignore this advice, you will not reach ketosis or have a hard time maintaining it.

Consuming Maltitol

Typically, sugary alcohols are okay with the keto diet. They provide sweetness but do not increase the number of carbohydrates in the human body. It is important to remember that many types of alcohol contain carbohydrates. For example, maltitol is something that is not allowed for a low-carb diet. Technically speaking, it’s low GI sugar but drastically affects your blood sugar levels.

Eating Too Many Calories

If you consume more calories than you burn, you won’t lose the extra pounds. You eat too many calories. You might gain weight instead of losing even if you have reached ketosis. You must pay attention to your daily calorie intake. If you stay consistent on a balanced diet, you may reach your goal.


Why People Find It Hard to Gain Weight

Advice on the best way to lose weight is invaluable for people who struggle to gain a few pounds. It is contradictory advice. It’s better to understand the basics of weight gain. Here you can learn more about the best way to gain weight quickly and healthily. Let’s do a study in which women and men fail before starting to deal with rapid weight loss. Below are the factors found why they don’t gain weight.

Unbalanced Diet

Currently, women and men do not eat adequately and sufficiently. This means they are not eating the right foods that will help them gain weight. Protein intake is vital for weight maintenance, and yet many people are not getting enough protein. This is where things go wrong. They expect significant weight gain when they don’t consume protein-rich foods. It is imperative to eat more protein and less on carbs. You can check to know the  right foods to add to your diet.

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Proper Training

Eating healthy foods is not enough; you have to convert those fats into muscles to be healthier. We have to do some workout exercises to convert the food we consume into a healthy mass. This transformation can only happen through physical activity.

Poor Motivation

Weight gain or slimming functions in the same way. Medical professionals have begun to understand that motivation is essential to their performance. Our generation is often referred to as the “instant noodles” world, where everyone wants instant and immediate results. Weight gain cannot be achieved overnight, but a long term mission. You will inevitably fail to gain weight if you fail to understand this factor.

After acknowledging and working around the common factors for failures, we will no offer you simple and easy tips on how you can gain weight immediately.

Foods That are Good for Weight Gain

I explained that eating food and eating the right foods is the key. Foods like junk foods, meals besides chips, won’t do you any good. Any weight gain from such foods will only harm you. Grow a habit of eating more foods that provide energy and calorie. First, find out your basal metabolic rate (BMR) that corresponds to your regular need/number of calories to keep your weight at current levels. Start planning your daily nutrition plans to increase your intake. This corresponds to 500 extra calories.

Eat foods such as beef and poultry that is protein-rich. This is because it is a safe supply of milk. Balance your diet with vegetables and nuts. Eat 5 or 6 small meals instead of 3 large meals to balance your intake.

Weight Gain and Muscle Mass Conversion

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It would help if you toned yourself up, so you don’t lose the weight you are putting on your body. Depending on your preference for activities, both activities are useful as a complement to your weight loss diet plan. Participate in activities such as running, walking, or playing for at least 30 minutes daily. You would feel encouraged and inspired to cultivate it in your lifestyle and as a habit of taking pleasure in it.

Work out in the gym more or three times a week to exercise. Find out what it would be and build on it. If you know these strategies on how you can achieve weight, you should be given weight gain blocks for more information about diet weight loss programs that focus on how you can lose muscle mass and weight at the same time.

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Guide to Losing Weight Using Smoothies

Smoothies are highly recommended for weight loss and healthy eating. The good thing about using them for weight loss is that they allow you to control the ingredients you use. They make an excellent choice for individuals looking for a low-carb diet that is laden with nutrients. By combining the right ingredients, you can have something that will help you lose some weight, and at the same time, make you healthier.

Smoothies for Healthy Weight Loss

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Smoothies can help you lose weight considering that you can get all the nutrients you need in a single glass. You only need to pick the necessary ingredients required to create a balanced smoothie. A good smoothie should have decent amounts of carbs, proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. While most smoothies are meant to help you achieve a healthy weight, others are vital for healthy weight loss. Read on to read more about some healthy ingredients for weight loss.


If there is one thing that every smoothie should have, it is an avocado. Avocados are not only a source of plant-based fats, and they make the smoothie thicker and creamier. Avocados also make you feel fuller for longer and offer an array of essential minerals.


Berries are mostly used to add some sugary taste into the smoothie without adding many calories. When it comes to choosing the type of berries, any kind of berry can be ideal. Another good thing about berries is that they are rich in fiber, which makes you feel full for long, and some essential antioxidants.

Coconut Oil

If you are serious about losing weight, coconut oil should be on your smoothie. The fats in coconut oils are unique considering that they can be directly used by the body for energy, instead of being stored as fats. Having this superfood in your smoothie will keep you energized, satisfied, and feeling good.

Leafy Greens

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Adding some greens such as kales, spinach, and romaine lettuce helps you enjoy lots of phytonutrients with minimal calories. To enjoy your smoothies, make sure you change the smoothies you are using on a regular basis.

As you work towards your weight loss and health goals, smoothies can be a great tool to use for the realization of these goals. If created thoughtfully, smoothies play an integral role in the creation of any healthy diet.