The Side Effects of Using Minoxidil

Minoxidil is known to help the hair grow. Let’s start by saying that this guide is not about condemning minoxidil as a drug. It is an extremely effective way to grow hair, but you must learn some information before deciding on buying one. According to an official source, Minoxodil is a sprayable solution that is used by both men and women. Below are the side effects of using minoxidil.

Itchy Scalp

Some of the most common complaints about minoxidil include an itchy or dry scalp. In reality, this is not due to minoxidil at all, but to the alternative alcohol carrier with which it is often combined. When minoxidil is combined with laser treatment, this result is significantly alleviated as the laser stimulates blood flow to the scalp, making the skin much healthier.

Allergic Reactions

Like all medical products, there is a possibility of allergy. Topical Rogaine contains propylene glycol as a non-invasive ingredient, which is most commonly that material in a minoxidil mixture that also reacts. Absorption of a large amount of minoxidil can lead to high blood pressure. Less common side effects seen include chest discomfort, decreased libido, tingling in the extremities (feet and hands, sometimes the face), irregular heartbeat, changes in blood pressure, drowsiness and acne in the areas where the drug was also applied.

If you experience any of these recorded side effects, it is a very good idea to reduce or stop using minoxidil until you have had a chance to talk to a doctor. If you have a problem with your blood pressure, you should consult a doctor before taking minoxidil. Girls who are sexually active and at risk of becoming pregnant, as well as anyone who is already pregnant, should not take minoxidil. The drug can pass into the bloodstream of an unborn baby and can also pass into a baby through breast milk.

Hair Loss

Scalp A hair growth product that contributes to baldness? The initial use of minoxidil can occasionally cause hair loss. This may be disturbing to many people, but it is a positive effect. The discarded hair will grow back, and the new hair will likely be in better shape and stronger. If you use minoxidil for a long period and then stop using it, your entire scalp may not be able to support the new, larger, stronger hair.