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Natural Herbs to Treat Eye Infections

Many people are occupied to work on their everyday’s job. Often they forget to keep maintaining their well-being to support their activity. When they cannot protect their immune system to always be in the optimal condition, they might get sick and unable to do their daily activity well.

Among many health issues that need to be aware of, people should be cautious with eye infections. In this case, the virus can have its way to the eyes, possibly because you have a terrible immune system. Therefore, everyone might get eyes infection when they do not maintain their health properly. 

Furthermore, this disease can create an uncomfortable situation not only for the one who gets infected but also for others in the surrounding. Such cases can occur since eye infections can be very contagious. Thus, it is essential to stay away and watch out for family and friends if you have one. It is also best to prevent them earlier than treat them. Dekh news blog has stated that eye infection can cause further damage if not well-treated. Suppose you have already got one. Consume the following natural herbs to treat your eye infections before getting worse.


Eyebright natural herbs can be considered as folk medicine, especially for eye infection treatment. Several studies have shown that eye drops containing eyebright accelerate recovery from conjunctivitis. It is basically inflammation and discharge caused by an aggravation of the eye’s outer lining. It helps to ease your eye irritation and prevent the infection from getting worse. Therefore, find a medicine containing eyebright to help to cure your eye infections. This way, you can have speed recovery and join your circle comfortably.


calendulaThe second natural herb for eye infection is calendula. It is considered quite soothing for both the inside and the outside of the eyes’ skin. It can also alleviate swelling, itching, and inflammation. Calendula is also a safe recommended herb to cure pink eyes, minor infections from pollution as well as allergies. Use calendula as an eyewash or compress to treat your eye problems.


Most people know that chamomile is popular with its delicious and calming tea. However, not many know that people in Europe have utilized chamomile tea not only for drinks but also for eye problems treatment. You can make an eyewash with chamomile flowers in a distilled water and a weak brewing tea. Then, filter the mixture and wait till the liquid to cool. Try to scrub your eyes with chamomile tea every couple of hours for several days. This way, your eye infection can get better.


mintBesides chamomile tea, mint tea is also utilized as a treatment of eye infections. It is because mint tea has been used for holistic healing, along with the goal of comfort. No wonder it is one of the best herbs for eye diseases. However, how mint tea can cure eye infection is different from chamomile tea. If chamomile is utilized as an eyewash, mint tea could be used as a warm compress under the eyes to relieve redness and itching. In this case, you can use the mint tea bags as a compress, but first, soak them in boiled water for a couple of minutes. After that, take the tea bags and put them in plastic bags. Ensure to cool them in the refrigerator for about twenty minutes before it is ready to use as a compress on your eyes for ten minutes.

Fennel Seeds

Another useful resource of natural herbs to cure eye infections is fennel seeds. It is often known as the best medication for pink eyes. In this case, making fennel seeds medication is easy and quite similar to chamomile tea. Use two teaspoons of fennel seeds are enough. Add them to a glass of water and boil them for a few minutes. After that, you have to filter it and use them as eyewash a couple of times a day.

These five great herbs for eye diseases will bring relief to the condition and the different ailments. Try them for a quick home remedy for an infection like conjunctivitis. This way, you can feel better and start enjoying your activity once more.